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The theme of the 20th National LGBTQ Health Awareness week, “Live Out Loud,” encourages everyone to speak openly about LGBTQ health, providing an umbrella under which to discuss and raise awareness of mental health, trans health, and ending stigma through accessible, affirming, and inclusive healthcare services so that everyone can fully live their truth.

This promotional toolkit can help raise our collective voice against those telling us, “Don’t Say Gay.” Please join us in shouting “Gay” OUT LOUD as we LIVE OUT LOUD for LGBTQ Health!

Promotional Items

The Coalition has created a boutique of on-demand items you can use to adorn your office, decorate your coffee table, and say OUT LOUD that you support LGBTQ Health. So make a bold statement and order your National LGBTQ Health Awareness Week merch today!

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These Live Out Loud print files are formatted for popular sizes from posters to stickers, and provided in ready-to-print PDFs.

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Let the world know you support LGBTQ health. Share these images and use the hashtag #LGBTQHealth to join the conversations let let the world know about the 20th National LGBTQ Health Awareness Week.

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Get the Message Out... Loud.

Each day of National LGBTQ Health Awareness Week will focus on a specific area of LGBTQ Health. Here are a variety of sample social media posts you can use to get the conversation started.

Today is the first day of our 20th Annual National LGBTQ Health Awareness Week! This year’s theme is “LIVE OUT LOUD”. We encourage you to live loud, proud, and unapologetic. Look out for events, survey findings, and more from @healthlgbt throughout the week! #LGBTQHealth

#LGBTQHealth is for the whole person: mental, physical, and sexual. By prioritizing the entirety of our bodies, we can #StopHIVTogether. Learn more by visiting:

To LIVE OUT LOUD for #LGBTQHealth is to take care of ourselves inside and out. Whether you go to therapy, say daily affirmations or journal, taking care of your mental health is integral to taking care of the rest of your body.

On this first day of the 20th Annual National LGBTQ Health Awareness Week, we implore you to speak OUT LOUD for mental health. As one of the most important aspects of #LGBTQHealth, we aim to prioritize mind and body equally.

Welcome to Day 2 of #LGBTQ Health Awareness Week! #HIV has had a large impact on #LGBTQHealth, but innovative treatments such as #PrEP have completely changed the game. Check out @CDC_hiv’s resource library on PrEP to learn more about how we can #StopHIVTogether

On this second day of our 20th Annual LGTBQ Health Awareness Week, remember that taking charge of your sexual health looks like getting tested and taking #PrEP. As we aim to end the spread of #HIV, it is important that we LIVE OUT LOUD for sexual health. #LGBTQHealth 

#PrEP is for everyone. We encourage you to LIVE OUT LOUD for #LGBTQHealth by taking #PrEP to prevent the spread of #HIV, along with regularly getting tested.

Taking #PrEP is one of the best ways that you can LIVE OUT LOUD in the face of the #HIV epidemic. Visit to learn more and to find HIV prevention services near you. #StopHIVTogether

It is now Day 3 of the 20th Annual LGBTQ Health Awareness Week, and today’s focus is on the health of transgender folks. Not only is it important to provide affirming care, but also to consider the intersecting factors that impact transgender health. #LGBTQHealth

Preventing the spread of #HIV is an important aspect of advancing the health of transgender individuals. Visit to learn about self-tests, #PrEP and more. #StopHIVTogether #LGBTQHealth

On this third day of the 20th Annual LGBTQ Health Awareness Week, we Shout OUT LOUD for the lives and health of transgender and gender-nonconforming #TGNC folk. Adequate care for #TGNC individuals means care that is accessible and affirming. #LGBTQHealth

Speak OUT LOUD for transgender lives. LIVE OUT LOUD for affirming care. LIVE OUT PROUD in the face of transphobia and homophobia. #LGBTQHealth

Welcome to Day 4 of the 20th Annual LGBTQ Health Awareness Week! Advancing #LGBTQHealth means acknowledging the role that stigma and racism play in receiving care, while actively dismantling this barrier.

Racism and stigma are two of many factors that impact #LGBTQHealth. Not only is it important to acknowledge the intersectionality within the #LGBTQHealth landscape, but also to unpack internalized biases that impact #BIPOC members of the LGBTQ community.

Members of the #LGBTQ community can face stigma for a number of reasons, including their race, self-expression and #HIV status. By educating others about #HIV, we can stop #StopHIVTogether and end the stigma. Visit to learn more.

To LIVE OUT LOUD for #LGBTQHealth is to LIVE OUTSPOKEN in the face of racism, stigma and discrimination. Be loud, be proud and stand up for underserved communities in the #LGBTQ health landscape.

Today might be the last day of the 20th Annual LGBTQ Health Awareness Week, but this does not mean that our work in amplifying issues around #LGBTQHealth must end today! Continue to LIVE OUT LOUD for #LGBTQHealth through education and implementing equity in your services.

One aspect of #LGBTQHealth that often goes unnoticed is the way #HIV affects those over age 50. Not only does aging with #HIV come with additional comorbidities, but #PWH over age 50 often face stigma. Visit @healthhiv’s Pozitively Aging program to learn more:

Large numbers of people aging with #HIV indicates that HIV treatment works long term. Visit to learn more about how HIV treatment allows for a better quality of life. #StopHIVTogether #LGBTQHealth 

Advancing #LGBTQHealth is about advocating for those across the entire LGBTQ health landscape. We encourage those aging with #HIV to LIVE OUT LOUD, LIVE OUT PROUD and LIVE OUTSPOKEN in the face of homophobia, ageism and other forms of stigma.

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