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The LGBTQ Community and Alcoholism

Pandemic Implications on the LGBTQ+ Population

GLAAD Trump Accountability Project

A resource compiling the anti-LGBTQ statements and actions of Trump and other members of his administration.

Check the status of federal legislation, and find information about the voting record of your elected representative and senators.

Town Hall Project

A listing of town hall meetings, other public and ticketed events, office hours, and opportunities in Washington, D.C. where you can meet with your elected representative.

Trump Promise Tracker

This site tracks the progress of Trump’s campaign pledges.

Tracking Congress in the Age of Trump

Check how often every member of the House and Senate votes with or against the president.

Senate Cabinet Vote Tracker

Track how Senators are voting on the confirmation of Trump’s Cabinet appointees.


See what policies and programs your tax dollars are funding, and how much is being spent.

The American Values Atlas

An interactive mapping system that enables you to gauge public opinion of various policy issues, including issues related to LGBTQ rights, in different regions of the country.

Access every report published by the Congressional Research Service.

Law Librarian’s Society of Washington, D.C.: Sources for Finding Mandated Reports to Congress

A compilation of sources where you can access mandated reports to congress from U.S. federal agencies. This list includes sources in the legislative and executive branches, as well as private sources.
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